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3^6                      '     LETTERS   FROM   THE

by Houhonyms, and made an excellent dinner on
fowls boiled to a consomm& in rice soup; then
sauntered to town with the setting sun.

I saw one curious estate. A native of
Grenada, a common peasant, possesses one side
of the mountain, from the rivulet to the summit,
containing one hundred acres j he has cleared
twenty-three and covered fifteen of them with fine
four-year-old canes. The rest is in pasture, and
near the bottom are coffee plantations, &c. He
has eight mules; he is established in a good
house, which he built, with his family and a few
negroes. We found them all making sugar.

March zznd, 1803.

I took advantage of the fine weather to make
a tour with two gentlemen, Mr. Grant, the col-
lector, brother to the Master of the Rolls, and
Mr. Macdonald, who has an estate in partnership
with General Picton. We sailed early on board
the Leviathan, Captain Brice, who brought out
all my things, with a fair, gentle breeze that
wafted us, as on a fresh-water lake, along the
coast of Trinidad.